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Gas Stove

Gas direct vent stoves offers peace of mind and efficient way to heat a home. Most units have the option for a battery back-up which is peace of mind in Michigan winters. There is a style to fit your needs and wants.

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Pellet Stove

The closest heating source to having a wood stove there is! Now with being thermostat controlled it is as easy to maintain your heat levels as it does with your furnace and/or gas stove.

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Wood Stove

With the new EPA certified wood stoves on the market – heating your home has never been so efficient. Burning cleaner, use less wood for longer heat life, and save on time and money for a more efficient wood stove.

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Multi-Fuel Stove

Multi-Fuel offers more flexibility and more options when there are multiple choices for heating your home. Between – shelled corn, wood pellets, grain pellets, dried cherry pits and many more biomass fuels – your options offer possibilities for cost savings through-out the year.

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